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The child or young person (‘dream child’) must meet our selection criteria:

• The dream child/young person must be aged between 2 and 21 inclusive.

• S/he must be living with a serious or life-limiting medical condition.

• S/he must not previously have benefited from a ‘dream’ with Dreams Come True.

• S/he must not previously have had a request fulfilled or have a request in progress with another similar dream/wish granting charity or organisation.

Contact the Dream Team

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.

What we do with your information

Our dream application form asks you to provide contact information and other personal and medical information that we need to be able to fulfil your dream. In some cases we will need to share this information with other organisations, for example when we make travel arrangements for you.

We also share information with other similar charities to ensure that an applicant has not been accepted by them.

We promise that we will never share your information unnecessarily and we always treat it as confidential. The information you provide is kept in locked filing cabinets and on our secure database.