Local Business

Could your workplace support us through a Charity of the Year partnership? From solicitors and banks, to supermarkets and call centres, our community team have experience in working with businesses to make the most out of a partnership. See first-hand how your work place is changing the lives of children and young people while you and your colleagues get involved with various activities, from bake sales and marathons, to tailor made team-building challenges.

We recently partnered with Marks & Spencer Aberdeen who raised over £28,000 for the charity. The staff at the store worked with us to organise a variety of events, including cake sales and family fun days, along with getting involved in the local community. The staff at Marks & Spencer followed the journey of local dream children and their families and even met them at the fun day, giving them first-hand experience of what a dream really means to the families we support.

Can your local business help us make a difference to these families? From collection pots to regular events, your support will change lives.

For more information, please  email Sophie or telephone 01428 726 330.