Holly's dream

Name: Holly

Age: 21

Date dream fulfilled: 30/04/2018

Summary: Holly's dream was to be an extra

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Holly is 21 years old and has a rare and aggressive form of cancer which has recurred several times. She wrote to us to ask if we could make her dream to be an extra in a TV show or film come true: ‘I have always wanted to get into the acting world but every time I try, cancer keeps getting in the way.’ 

When Holly applied to us, little did she know that she’d be given a role in a major feature film!

Holly’s first job as a “background artist” (or “extra”) will be in upcoming movie Angel has Fallen. This is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen and stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Danny Huston and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Initially, it was planned that Holly would play an intern at the Whitehouse but treatment meant she’d be unable to make it on the day these scenes were to be filmed. This could have been very disappointing were it not for the kind crew over at Angel has Fallen who resolved to find her an even more exciting part!

Holly was cast as an FBI analyst and when we asked if her sister Beth could come with her, she was given a part to play alongside Holly! This meant sending over their measurements so that their outfits could be prepared by the wardrobe team.

Holly and Beth travelled down to London, ready to learn all they could about the movie world and full of hopes that they might get to catch a glimpse of Gerard.

On the day, the director and crew treated Holly and Beth so well that the other extras wondered who they were! “I don’t think they realised we were extras too, they were probably wondering why people kept bringing us coffee and checking we were alright all the time!”


"It was amazing! Genuinely one of best experiences of my life. It was such a great weekend and I'm so thankful. I keep looking at photos and wishing I was back there” Holly

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