Chloe's dream

Name: Chloe

Age: 3

Date dream fulfilled: 03/05/2018

Summary: Chloe's dream was to have a Disney birthday party

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Chloe (2) from Somerset is severely disabled.  She has a myriad of medical conditions including a brain tumour, hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and epilepsy.

Her dream was to have a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party.

Her Mum wrote: "When Chloe was first diagnosed at 3 months old we were told without treatment she would not make her 1st birthday.  For the last 2 years we have thrown Chloe a themed birthday party for around 40 people, as a way of celebrating each milestone year.  We have been given the devastating news that Chloe is unlikely to make her 3rd birthday as she is now receiving her last treatment option which is unlikely to work.  Chloe is severely disabled so a trip to Disney is not practical.  We would like to bring Disney to Chloe’s home by having a Disney themed early birthday party.  We would like to be able to give her a little Disney magic."


Chloe's Mum Jo organised it all.  The party was held in the family’s garden and there were several themed areas including Gaston’s Tavern, West Wing, and Ballroom.  Chloe was dressed as Belle and her specialist seating had been transformed in to Phillippe, Belle’s horse.  The party was a huge success and everyone had a wonderful time.

"It really was the most spectacular day, Chloe loved it all and we have so many happy memories.  We couldn't have pulled it all off without your help.   A huge thank you from all of us, you really are an amazing charity," Jo Chloe's Mum

If you would like to help more children and young people like Chloe fulfill their dreams, please follow this link to donate. Thank you.



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