Libby's dream

Libby Unicorn

Name: Libby

Age: 13

Date dream fulfilled: 28/07/2018

Summary: Libby has a number of health conditions including epilepsy, autism, and hyper mobility. She also has rapidly deteriorating eyesight and uses a nimbo walker for stability and to ease leg pain.

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Libbys dream was simple, to meet a real unicorn and have a fairy party as she had never had a party before.  
Her Mum wrote “I came across the Dreams Come True website one night whilst searching the internet for things that might be spectacular enough to lift Libby’s spirits.  I filled in the online form and heard back from the charity that they could help with Libby’s dream”. 
To add to the pressure the party had to be organised in just 3 weeks as Libby’s dad, who is in the armed forces, was due to go away and the only weekend available was the end of July.  Michelle our dreams co-ordinator managed to find a Fairy marquee tent complete with a real Fairy entertainer, a unicorn cake as well as a real unicorn.
On the day of the party everything went like clockwork. Libby and her friends played games, made unicorn build a bears, 
sang fairy songs and made a wish that they put in a fairy dust bottle, it was so magical. Then Cuddles (the Unicorn) arrived and Libby was just absolutely stunned it was so magical. It was amazing!

Fairies and Unicorns

Fairies and Unicorn Party

Libby's Mum wrote to us afterwards to thank everyone at Dreams Come True for helping make the wish come true saying "Being able to step away from the hospital appointments and the tough times and put the time and thought into making something come together that gave Libby the (magical medicine) that she needed was a dream come true for me as well. 
So from the bottom of our hearts Thank you.
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