Dominic 's dream


Name: Dominic

Age: 14

Date dream fulfilled: 25/06/2018

Summary: Dominic is 14 and has Kabuki Syndrome, a genetic condition which causes learning difficulties, heart problems and hearing difficulties. He also has autism and experiences frequent seizures

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Dominic's parents, Mark & Lesley, wrote to us to ask if we could make Dominic’s dream to meet all his favourite characters at Peppa Pig World come true.
His parents went on to say “Dominic enjoys doing anything as a family and loves days out and staying at hotels. Due to poor muscle-tone, we don’t how long it will be until Dominic may need a wheelchair full-time.” Poultons Park (home of Peppa Pig World) has his top three things in the world - water, animals and rides! 
Dominic’s dream experience was over two days so that he and the family could maximise the number of rides they could go on. Dominic favourites were the rollercoaster and the runaway train and he even managed to get his mum to go on a ride.


Dominic trip to Poultons Park Peppa Pig World

A Happy day out at Poulton Park Peppa Pig World

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