Matthew's dream

Burger Bar in Chicago

Name: Matthew

Age: 20

Date dream fulfilled: 13/05/2018

Summary: Matthew is 20 years old, a computer gaming enthusiast, and has a brain tumour which has spread to his spine

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Matthew, a Anime computer gaming enthusiast, has a brain tumour which has spread to his spine.
He wrote to us with a rather unusual dream.
“Over the past six years, I have befriended four very special friends who all live in and around Chicago and who’ve given me tremendous support; I would like very much to finally meet them and say thank you.”
Luckily Chicago holds an Anime (Japanese comic book, animation art & culture) convention (ACEN) which provided the perfect setting for Matthew to meet his friends, who were brought together online by their love of anime.
The organisers of ACEN were touched by Matthew’s story and vowed to make the experience a dream to remember! Not only did they arrange for Matthew and his parents to stay at the Hyatt Hotel, where most of the events were held, they provided a luxurious suite for the duration of the convention absolutely free of charge!
They also arranged for a number of additional surprises. Not only did Matthew meet three of the most famous voice actors in the anime world (his favourites Vic Mignogna, Bryce Papenbrooke and Micheal Tatum), each of the actors took the time to chat with him and gave him a gift!


Matthews Trip to ACEN convention in Chicago

Matthews Trip to ACEN convention in Chicago

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