“My name is Hannah. I am 20 years old, and my life has been turned upside down since I started deteriorating 3 years ago. Since then I have gone from (almost) perfect health to having all of my nutrition by a tube that goes into my bowel. (I can no longer eat or drink anything). I faint multiple times a day & struggle to maintain a quality of life.

My joints dislocate 2-3 times a week, & due to living in a very rural location I put them back in to the socket myself. I have a very low white cell count in my blood, which means on top of everything else I also pick up all the viruses that are going around as well.

I struggle hugely with pain, weakness and symptoms down my right hand side. I also have extremely limited feeling in both my hands & feet, & suffer horrendous spasms in them as well. Despite all of this I have become a published poet (my first collection called ‘Dear Body’ was published by Wayleave Press this year). I run a blog www.hannahwritesablog.co.uk & a YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/HannahHodgson where I try to educate people on issues such as becoming a wheelchair user & hospice user.

My dream would be an embroidery machine. I already donate syringe driver bags, colostomy covers & bedside book holders to the hospice I attend for respite. I would absolutely love to extend this crafting to give more to those patients. I always feel quite sad when I see a person who has been transferred to hospice who has all their belongings in non-personal, very generic ‘patient property’ bag. One thing I would like to introduce to my charity crafting would be an embroidered bag so that individuals can feel like someone cares about them as they transfer.

I would love to start sending personalised embroidered medical supplies (such as syringe driver bags or colostomy covers) to people facing huge surgery or a life-changing diagnosis. I would love to personalise bags that would be used for carrying medication & bags used to carry medical information. I won’t continue because I have so many ideas – but it would be an incredible thing to help others who are also going through an extremely rough time of it.

The wonderful thing about the specific brand of machine I would like is that it cuts all ends off of the work automatically, & also threads the needle automatically, meaning that my numb hands will not cause a problem.