Calita's dream

Name: Calita

Age: 10

Date dream fulfilled: 21/10/2018

Summary: Calita is 10 years old and wanted to go to Slimfest to meet the stars of Nickelodeon.

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Calita (Callie) is 10 years old and has Bethlem Myopathy, a rare disease that causes progressive muscle weakness and joint stiffness. She cannot walk far due to muscle weakness and uses a wheelchair. Callie was desperate to go to Nickelodeon’s Slimefest music festival in Blackpool, but all the tickets had sold out. Callie wrote:

‘I would like to go to Slimefest and meet the stars. Meeting the stars would be lots of fun because when I go to a concert, I’m not allowed near the stage because of my muscular dystrophy. I would be nervous but very, very happy. I would love to bring my twin brother Sam because he helps me a lot and I want to say thank you to him.’

Thanks to the kindness of the people at Nickelodeon, we were able to get tickets and accommodation for the whole family!

When Callie and her family arrived at the Big Blue Hotel in Blackpool, they were delighted to find a wonderful surprise. There were gifts waiting for them - hoodies, t-shirts, JoJo bows, books and calendars plus all sorts of toys from other Nickelodeon shows.

At breakfast, Callie and Sam couldn’t believe their eyes – the stars of Slimefest were staying at the same hotel - they spent the whole time star-spotting!

One of the funniest parts of the weekend was when Nickelodeon sent two burly security guards to escort Callie and her family from the hotel to backstage. All the way over, they got a lot of funny looks as people assumed they were famous and tried to work out who they were – Callie and Sam thought this was hilarious!

Backstage, Callie got to meet lots of stars including the person she most wanted to meet, Kira Kosarin from the TV show The Thundermans. Callie was so excited she was shaking but Kira put her at ease.

They also got to enjoy the VIP facilities backstage and took advantage of the Nickelodeon “Glam Station” where Callie had glitter put on her face and Sam had his hair sprayed green!

Callie and Sam truly received VIP treatment at Slimefest and after a jam-packed day of hanging with the stars they deserved a good rest. But Nickelodeon had more surprises in store so with free tickets and fast passes for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, they headed straight for the rides!

Callie wrote to dreams to thank the staff for making her dream come true. Here are some of the photos of Callie’s dream and her thank you letter.

If you would like to help more children and young people like Calita fulfil their dreams, please follow this link to donate. Thank you


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