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Choosing to make a regular donation enables the charity to plan ahead and means that we always have the money to respond to urgent requests from children and their families.

I want to make dreams come true

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£20 will...

be sent as pocket money for young people travelling in the UK and Europe


£30 will...

help us fund a young person's special trip to a concert, theatre or festival.


£50 will...

Will help towards specialist sensory equipment that can help with communication and self expression.


£100 will...

help towards a specialist trike's which can give freedom, independence and hope.

Children like George need your help...

19-year-old George is currently on our waiting list, hoping to fulfil his dream to go whale watching in California, It will mark the end of a shocking and difficult period in this young man’s life.
2016 was a leap year that George will never forget. As everyone else was making the most of their ‘extra day’, he was undergoing cancer surgery - just a week after visiting his GP.
George had testicular cancer and the months that followed were what he can only describe as a ‘rollercoaster’. Alongside trying to study for his A-levels, George had to undergo weeks of blood tests and eventually needed chemotherapy as the cancer had spread to his lymph.
“I chose this dream because I love animals. The course I want to study is only two modules different from zoology and is very animal based. I love seeing animals in the wild and had seen a documentary about Monterey Bay. It is very famous for whales, dolphins, seals and sea otters and also is the home of one of the best aquariums in the world. “