Arctic Trek Challenge

Hard to imagine that trekking in sub zero temperatures is going to constitute the best week of your life, but when you throw in glistening snowdrifts, the Northern Lights, Mr Claus and a snug night at the Arctic Snow Hotel, it all begins to make sense.

Location: Finland
Fee: £350
Minimum Sponsorship: £3,250

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Now taking bookings for treks between February to March 2018 and 2019 January - March

On this unique challenge you will head to Rovaniemi in Finland and spend three days trekking into the Arctic Circle. After a training weekend with Breaking Strain Events (BSE) , as well as several briefing evenings and a good amount of training, you will be ready for the challenge, however always be ready for the unexpected. 

Read Zoe's blog on trekking in Lapland with us.

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