What is a Dream?

Everyone has a dream. Whether it's to be the top of their profession, conquer Everest, be a pop star. Anything can be your personal dream and they are unique to the individual. We often spend a great deal of time and energy achieving it.


It's the same for our dream children. Each child has a truly unique dream, from eating their favourite flavoured ice-cream, receiving a piece of equipment that allows them to join in a family bike ride to meeting their favourite actor/popstar/football star.

The reality is that the children and young people we work with have less time to realise that dream. This is because they are undergoing long and difficult rounds of hospital treatment, or their prognosis is terminal. The focus of the children and their families is about getting through every day.

A dream then for these children and young people is freedom, it's a moment in time that they can forget their illness and treatment. In fact often something that keeps them going and that they can look forward to. One of our families following the sad loss of their son, wrote;

"Words cannot express what our holiday meant to us and our son, he got to spend time away from the hospital with his two brothers, just being brothers."

A dream is far reaching, bringing lasting joy to our children and creating treasured memories for their families.