Timmy & Maisie's dream

Name: Timmy & Maisie

Age: 5 & 10

Summary: Our family life took a real pounding on Timmy’s diagnosis. With him in and out of hospital on chemotherapy treatment, and poor Maisie so constantly scared and confused, I’m not denying, it is really difficult. But as parents, we just can’t let the children ever see us upset because it would frighten them more.

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 "Nothing can prepare you for being told your child has cancer. Timmy had woken in the night, crying, frightened and in excruciating pain. We had no idea what could be wrong, just that he needed medical help urgently. We rushed him to the hospital, and that’s where this roller-coaster of a journey began.

But scary as it was for us, it’s even worse for our daughter Maisie who’s 10. You see, she’s autistic, which already makes the world a really confusing place for her and life a daily struggle. She adores her 5-year-old brother, so it’s hard to describe for you how unbelievably bewildering and upsetting Timmy’s illness is for her.

I can’t tell you how excited Timmy and Maisie are about their Dream. They’ve chosen a trip to Disneyworld, and for both of them it’s really important. Timmy absolutely loves dinosaurs – so he can’t wait to pet them, feed them and most of all, have a ride on them. He’s so excited it’s taking his mind off a lot of the pain and discomfort he’s going through.

Maisie’s also obsessed with drawing, so ever since she found out that her Dream will really happen, she’s been drawing all kinds of sketches for her own animated film. She can’t wait to show it to Mickey Mouse and Mr Incredible when she gets over there.

As well the children, the Dream’s incredibly important to us as parents. We’re all on this huge emotional roller-coaster together. Every time Timmy gets an infection he’s so poorly – and sometimes needs surgery – I’m frightened that he’s going to relapse and we’re going to lose him. And every morning when I wake I worry about what would happen to Maisie if we weren’t there, because right now her autism makes her extremely dependent on us to keep her safe and achieve simple daily tasks."

Nicola, Timmy and Maisie's Mum.

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