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Name: Oliver

Age: 6

Summary: Oliver is receiving treatment for a rare kidney cancer. He is 6-years-old and lives in Suffolk. Oliver loves swimming and his dream would be to go to a water park in Tenerife.

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Gillian Moorhouse
Here's a little starter to set you on the way to your dream! Good luck, little man x


Oliver is receiving treatment for Wilms Tumour a rare kidney cancer.  He is 6 years old and comes from Suffolk. 

His mum Samantha wrote “Oliver loved swimming before his diagnosis and has really missed it.  He said throughout treatment that when his “Wigglies” (as known as Hickman Line” are out, he wants to go on holiday to a waterpark.  We looked a few months ago at different places and he favoured Siam Park in Tenerife because of the sharks at the end of the lazy river.  Oliver has missed out on so much due to cancer and he never complains.  A holiday to a waterpark with sharks really would be a dream come true for him.” 

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