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Name: Elijah

Age: 3

Summary: Elijah is a lovely little boy with significant sensory issues which affect every day life. This young man is only 3 years old and comes from Cambridgeshire. His dream would be to have some sensory equipment.

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Rory, Roisin and Gemma
We chose to fundraise for a school project called pixledge. We have decided to donate to Elijah because we have ASD and we wanted his dream to come true. It is a very individual wish.


3 year old Elijah from Cambridgeshire has significant sensory issues which affects his every day life.  

His mum  Penny wrote "My son has ASD, sensory problems and a splintered profile.  Currently his therapists and I are desperately trying to help Elijah find a way to relax and sleep.  He is extremely sensory sensitive and is non-verbal.  He rarely sleeps and its really affecting him and myself.  Being a widowed parent means there is no one here to share all those waking hours.  Elijah has poor body awareness and needs help to feels his legs, arms, joints and head.  He loves the squeezy machine during OT sessions and it has been suggested this could help him regulate his body if he could do this at home.  we have noticed he becomes very relaxed inside the sensory room where there is little light, a bubble tube and the room has lots of heavy white mats.  It is the only place he will flop back and relax.  I am desperate for some to help my son get a good nights sleep for him to be able to self regulate and have more focus."

I want to help make Elijah's dream come true by making a donation.

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