Chloe's dream


Name: Chloe

Age: 2

Summary: Chloe would love to go to Disneyworld to meet all of the Princesses and watch the parades with her family.

Little Chloe has a rare condition which affects her white blood cells.

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Chloe’s Nanny
Chloe’s been through so much, with such bravery . She so deserves her dreams to come true.


Chloe and her brother

"Chloe loves all things Disney, especially the Princesses  (Ariel is her favourite).  We recently went to see Disney On Ice and Chloe hasn't stopped talking about it since.  She also likes to watch the Disney parades on You-tube.  Chloe is too young to understand the concept of a dream or wish but we know she would love to go to Disney and meet all of the Princesses.  We think it would be lovely to spend some magical, quality time as a family - we also think Chloe deserves a super special treat for being so brave." Victoria - Chloe's mum.  

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