Isabelle's dream


Name: Isabelle

Age: 14

Date dream fulfilled: 04/08/2017

Summary: Having severe learning difficulties mean communication is particularly hard for Isabelle.

Isabelle is 14 and comes from Leeds.

Her dream was to have a family holiday in Cornwall.

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14-year-old Isabelle is a happy teenager. Isabelle has severe learning difficulties meaning she finds it hard to communicate. Isabelle also has epilepsy and can have at least two seizures a day. Alongside this she also has some complex medical conditions that result in her using a wheelchair to get around as they affect her motor skills. Isabelle is no longer able to sit independently and is supported by her wheelchair.

Isabelle has two brothers and a sister, she is the eldest of her siblings. Due to Isabelle’s heath needs and that she is growing up so fast it will soon become difficult for her parents to lift her and arrange holidays as a family so this year was the perfect time.

Isabelle loves being with her family and joining in with her brothers and sisters. Isabelle’s parents requested a dream holiday as a family to Cornwall. The family had a great time together. They spent days at the beach building sandcastles, met up with friends and visited the Eden project. It was a wonderful time spent together and creating some memories that they can all treasure forever. 


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