Jackson 's dream


Name: Jackson

Age: 13

Date dream fulfilled: 15/08/2017

Summary: Having already undergone a bone marrow transplant for leukaemia, Jackson has been battling with a brain tumour. We were finally able to help Jackson go to Florida with his family.

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We first met Jackson back in 2009, after he had received a bone marrow transplant for leukaemia. Unfortunately, Jackson was then diagnosed with a brain tumour and has been battling with ongoing health problems ever since, which have delayed his dream of going to Disney World in Florida.

Eight years later, we have finally been able to make this dream come true and in August 2017, the family flew to Florida for their long-awaited holiday of a lifetime. Mum, Nicola describes the experience:

When we eventually got to Disney, we felt like kids all of us! All of it was amazing. We had a few tearful moments when we saw the utter joy on Jackson’s face, knowing how much it meant to him. It doesn’t take away the pain of it all, but it gives you damn good time in seeing your child soak up his dream.

He saw all his favourites, including Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Transformers, Star Wars. That was hysterical - Jackson was a nervous wreck... so funny!

Honestly I could go on forever, we are hoping to go back and get a work placement out there, just to see if it suits us as a family. The weather was fabulous and really suits Jackson - he had no pain with his back and legs.”


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