Tim's dream


Name: Tim

Age: 23

Date dream fulfilled: 24/08/2017

Summary: Now on maintenance chemotherapy, Tim aged 23 has his dream realised when he went to Italy.

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 Tim has had a difficult few years as he has been going through treatment for lymphoblastic lymphoma, a rare type of cancer than can affect the blood cells and the immune system. Thankfully Tim is now in remission but he remains on maintenance chemotherapy.

Tim is ready to go back to living his life the way he wants to and plan adventures for the future. Throughout his treatment, Tim’s girlfriend Rachel was very supportive and always there for him. As a thank you he wanted to share his dream with this special young lady.

Tim and Rachel went to Rome for a relaxing break away. They sampled the amazing food Rome has to offer and visited all the main tourist sights. Tim is a huge football fan so we arranged for him to see a match whilst he was out there.

When we arrived in Rome the private taxi was a nice touch so we didn’t have to wait for a coach. The hotel was like no other, made us feel like a million pounds. The WOW moment for me would be the atmosphere at the AS Roma versus Inter Milan match but the city was so beautiful the whole experience was a WOW moment." Tim. 

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