Apply for a dream

To refer a child for a dream, we need a few details from you – about the child, their family, their dream and their medical consultant.

If you have any problems completing this form, please call us on 01428 726330.

Please note:  Due to the continuing demand for long haul holidays, including Florida, the waiting time to start work on holiday dreams outside of Europe is currently around 15 months.  It would be a minimum of 6 months after that before you could travel at the earliest, so please bear that in mind if requesting this type of dream.

Please note our online application form does not work through an ipad. Instead please download and fill in.

Dreams Application Form
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.

The Dream

Dreams Come True would like to promote your story to illustrate the wide variety of children and young people we help and their incredible dreams.

If possible, please could your child write and/or draw what their dream request is. Nothing demonstrates as powerfully the hope the prospect of a dream can bring than to see it drawn, no matter how simple it may be...

If your child does not want to draw, perhaps they or you could write a few words as to why this dream was chosen and what it will mean to have it fulfilled.

Applicant details

Dreams Come True relies completely on charitable funding. By allowing us to tell your story, you can really help us to inspire support and reach out to more children and young people with life-limiting and serious conditions.

This form enables you to give us consent to use your story and also to specify how and where it can be used. This is entirely your decision and we respect your privacy. Your preferences will not affect or influence your Dream application in any way.

Dreams Come True may use my story, quotes, images and videos as I have indicated below:

How we manage your story with the press

If you give consent for Dreams Come True to use your story for press purposes, please be assured that we will carefully manage this process.

If we think that your story might be relevant to a particular publication or TV channel, we will send them a short summary. Although it is not possible to guarantee that anything will be published, we will always represent you in a professional manner.

If a publication or TV channel wants to run your story in full, they will contact us. We will then contact you to make sure that you are happy to proceed and, if required, set up an interview.

A representative from Dreams Come True will be present when you are interviewed.

When you give us consent to use your story, we promise to treat your information with respect. Please be assured that we are very careful not to write/talk about medical conditions and personal information in an overly detailed, graphic or insensitive way.

What we do with your information

Our dream application form asks you to provide contact information and other personal and medical information that we need to be able to fulfil your dream. In some cases we will need to share this information with other organisations, for example when we make travel arrangements for you.

We also share information with other similar charities to ensure that an applicant has not been accepted by them.

We promise that we will never share your information unnecessarily and we always treat it as confidential. The information you provide is kept in locked filing cabinets and on our secure database.


Please make sure that you have checked all of the information that you have supplied and read both the Agreement and Schedule and Dream Application Guidelines