The Spartan experience by Claire

Running over the start line the nerves disappeared and we had a determination to do our best, we were in it together.

Our very own Claire Smith decsribes how her nerves disappeared as she ran over the start line for her first Spartan Race.

A few months ago Martin asked me and Sarah if we fancied running a Spartan race with him and his friend and volunteer to Dreams Come True, Josh. At the time it seemed like a good idea...

Travelling to the start line at Allianz Park London on Saturday, the race did not seem like such a good idea. We were all extremely apprehensive and nervous about running and getting over the obstacles and especially with the knowledge that if we failed an obstacle we would have to endure 30 burpees!

Running over the start line the nerves disappeared and we had a determination to do our best, we were in it together. The first obstacles were okay, crawling through army netting, over a small-ish wall, crawling and rolling under barbed wire. However we soon were put to the test and had to carry a bucket of water up stairs and down the other side to drop the bucket and pick up a tyre and run cross country with it, the bucket of water was extremely heavy and awkward to carry, it was a bit of a relief to drop it and run with the tyre!

finish line

We carried on running and got to the monkey bars, me, Sarah and Martin managed to do a few but fell half way, which meant burpee time for us! Moving on we had to run with massive stones, pull weights up on a pulley system to our next challenge. We had to pull ourselves up a rope to ring a bell, this was an extremely hard obstacle which meant I just spent a minute swinging from side to side, Sarah was stuck a quarter of the way and Josh was stuck three quarters of the way up. We all failed this challenged so we had to endure more burpees!

On we went, and ran through woods, up hills, down hills, up more hills, repeat for about 5 times! Until we came to 8ft wall, running up stairs with sandbags, down more stairs, dropping the sand bag, running up more stairs for what felt like forever. We had the end in sight, we had to throw a spear in to a hay stack (more burpee’s), climb along a wall, over another wall, under a wall, through the middle of a wall. Our last obstacle was a 30ft frame, we had to climb up bars on one side to swing ourselves over and climb down the netting. With all four of us safely over, we sprinted to the finish line as a group to receive our medals, all extremely proud of each other for competing the race and wondering why we were so nervous to begin with!

From the experience we are now looking to race the 10k and 25k Spartan, it wasn’t an easy race and we all ached for a few days later but it was a fantastic experience. I remember a dreams come true supporter saying to me the week before the race “once you do an obstacle race you will get addicted”, he was right. 

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Author: Hannah Attenburrow

Date: 21/05/2015

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