Josh Newell-Brown: Music to make dreams come true.

Josh Newell-Brown is a singer-songwriter with a big voice and an even bigger heart.

Josh Newell-Brown is a singer-songwriter who believes in the power of dreams. That's why he is donating all proceeds from his first release to Dreams Come True.

Josh Newell-BrownJosh Newell-Brown's EP 'Inner Treasures' has just been released with proceeds being donated to Dreams Come True.

Who is Josh Newell-Brown?

Hailing from the beautiful coastal town of Saltburn-by-the-sea, Josh Newell-Brown has always played, written and recorded music as a way of infecting the world with his flamboyantly colourful spirit and contagiously uplifting nature.

With massive sing-along belters, full to the brim with soul and energy, the power he exerts through his vocal can only be attributed to a sort of super hero, super power. If the market has a gap for the Arnold Schwarzenegger of melody, the Sylvester Stallone of rhythm and the Chuck Norris of vocals, then Josh Newell-Brown is the hard-hitting, Alternative Folk-Pop artist to fill it.

Why Josh is supporting Dreams Come True

"From the first time I came into contact with Dreams Come True, I was hooked on their cause! My music isn't just for me, as I believe that music should be shared, and used to positively influence the lives of others.

I've chosen Dreams to donate all proceeds from my first release, because their cause is something I truly believe in. Everyone should have the opportunity to realise their dreams, and it's humbling to know that I can help in some way to achieve this".

Josh Newell-Brown's new EP 'Inner Treasures' can be downloaded via his website:

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Author: Hannah

Date: 26/05/2015

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