Did you know...?

  • Six year-olds now have the same level of knowledge of devices as the average 45 year-old. From The Guardian
  • IPad addiction has been identified in children as young as 4 years-old in the UK’s first technology addiction programme, launched three years ago. From The Daily Telegraph
  • Communications regulator OFCOM reports that UK adults spend more time using technology devices than they do sleeping. (8hrs 41 minutes on devices vs average night sleep 8hrs 21 minutes). From The BBC
  •  Over a quarter of women in the UK check Facebook at least 10 times a day. From The Independent 
  • Twitter and Facebook have been labelled as more addictive than smoking. From The Huffington Post UK
  • 70% of children think that their parents spend too much time on phones, iPad or computers. From The Huffington Post UK
  • By the age of seven, the average child born in 2013 will have spent an entire year of their lives in front of a screen! From Sky News

Now we are not saying technology is a bad thing, far from it...but

We would like to challenge our supporters to give up your digital device(s) and raise money for children and young adults who desperately need technology to help cope with the day-to-day challenge of living with a serious or life-limiting condition.

This could be a purpose-built trike that lets a child participate in normal family life, or a computer that can be operated by eye movement. Or maybe a simple mobile phone which we all take for granted, but could be a child's only way to communicate with friends and family from hospital.

As you can imagine, a lot of this equipment is incredibly specialist and expensive and our aim is to help fund more of this equipment for children around the UK.

To get involved and challenge your friends contact Events and Challenges here.

Download our sponsorship form here.

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