It's Always Tea Time

Dream Tea can be as big or as small as you like. This can be during a tea break at work or college, or you could make a special occasion of it. Perhaps a vintage-inspired or Mad Hatter's tea party.

Dream Tea is simply about enjoying cake and a cup of tea, whilst raising money to bring joy to children and young people with serious and life-limiting conditions.

We've provided lots of mouth-watering recipes from Great British Bake-Off finalist, Miranda Gore Browne, and our celebrity chef supporters. 

Top tips to make your Dream Tea a success...

  • Choose a time and place - work, school, home or in the community. Decide on your venue and then start letting people know. Download posters and invitations below.
  • Give it a theme or get competitive - anything from traditional Victorian afternoon tea to a Mad Hatter's tea party. Organise a Bake Off and auction the star bake.
  • Get baking – from Heavenly Lemon Squares to the Dreamiest of Chocolate Cakes there's a heap of recipes from our celebrity supporters to inspire you in the kitchen.
  • Ask for donations. Don't forget to Gift Aid to raise an additional 25%.
  • Join the conversation. Get involved with our FacebookInstagram and Twitter communities for Dream Tea chat, competitions, recipes and more.

Virtual Dream Tea

During the current outbreak, it's important that we keep our connections with friends and family. Luckily, we have an abundant of different ways to do so. 

For your next Dream Tea party, take it online!

There are some great platforms for phones and computers to allow you to keep in contact with your loved ones, enjoy some cake and a cup of tea, and raise money to make dreams come true.

Below are two free ways you can get your Virtual Dream Tea started!

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