Run TWO half marathons in a month or find a team mate and run a half marathon each on the same day in the ANY TIME challenge.

Alternatively join us on the 27th September 2020 and run the full marathon, or share the distance with your friends in the RACE DAY challenge.

This is the “Half Marathon Challenge” therefore on your own or in a pair you need to submit two half marathon times. Individuals need to submit two half marathon times within a month. If you feel 4 legs are better than 2 you will need to submit 1 half marathon time each on the same day. Submit your evidence to calculate your marathon time and receive your Run Berlin Silver medal/medals. We do accept the half marathon times on different days and not consecutively to obtain a medal but your times will be recorded as unofficial.

Any Time Challenge

This can be completed in any month of the year

Race Day Challenge – 27th September 2020

  • 26.1 miles as a individual
  • 13.1 miles in a pair (13.1 Miles per person)
  • 10.54 miles in a team of 4 (10.54 Km per person)
  • 5.27Km in a team of 8 (5.27Km per person)
  • 2.62 miles in a team of 10 (2.62miles per person)
  • 1.048 miles in a team of 25 (1.048 miles per person)


Each major can be undertaken as an individual, in part of a team or with a running buddy and participants are able to tackle them in one go (a marathon of an accomplishment) or over the course of the month.

Each Virtual Marathon Majors has a special challenge linked to the event, based on a piece of marathon history specific to the event location. So whether it is beating ancient marathon times or getting your next PB, the Virtual Marathon Majors will help you virtually become the greatest of all time.