Can you help us at this most difficult time?

2020 will definitely go down on record, as being one of the most difficult years most of us have ever had to face.

The Covid-19 crisis has created a level of global chaos that has affected every single one of us, devastating lives, robbing future potential and causing untold long-term economic damage to individuals, businesses and charities like ours.

It's true to say, that like many other UK charities, we've been forced to make difficult decisions this year, being 60% down on donations and losing over £100,000 of income due to the postponement of the London Marathon.

The direct result is that we now have over £100,000 of Dreams we have promised to deliver for which we need to find funding for.

With lockdown and shielding rules, Dreams that were planned for to deliver this year have had to be cancelled or postponed, and that's heart-breaking when we know just how desperate our deserving kids and young adults are for these life changing experiences, that can do so much to lift them and give them something to live for.

On top of all these difficulties, as if they weren't bad enough, we have also suffered a recent serious flood at Dreams HQ in Liphook, forcing us out of the office into temporary spaces whilst urgent repairs are carried out.

In short, we desperately need your help. 

Up until now, we didn't think it right to make this appeal, as we fully understand and empathise that for many of you receiving this message, times have been exceptionally difficult, which we fully appreciate.

But there comes a time when we have to raise our voice as a charity and call on the help, that has been so generously and selflessly given in the past, and ask you to be there again for us in our time of most need.

We know that money may be tight, but we would appreciate any donations that you can make, your action in donating at whatever level will make all the difference to us and allow us to fulfil more of the dreams for more children and young adults.

If ever there was a time when we really needed your help. That time is now. 

So we ask again, can you help us at this most difficult time?

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