Kira is 10 years old and lives with her family in Wales.Kira’s mum describes her as a determined girl and says: “nothing will stop her”.

She has Diplegic Cerebral Palsy which means she sometimes finds physical activity hard, wears splints and uses a wheelchair when walking far. Kira had an operation on her tendons to try and assist her mobility and make activity easier for her.​

Kira told us that she loves David Walliams. She has picture of him as her screen saver on her phone, has read all his books and loves to watch him on Britain’s Got Talent.

As part of her magical weekend in London, David Walliams invited Kira and her family to his house for tea, lemonade and cakes! Kira couldn’t believe it when she arrived at David’s house and she saw him waving from the front door with his dogs Burt and Ernie. He spent the whole time chatting to Kira and her sister Layla about their favourite books, films and hobbies and school. Kira and Layla felt so lucky to be the first people to see the cover of David’s new book, Mega Monster, which had arrived just that afternoon.

David had everyone laughing with his impressions of the characters he’s played and was the perfect host. Kira and Layla went back to the hotel with so many books that dad Sion could barely carry them! David signed their school photographs and did a video message for the girls’ school.

Kira’s mum told us:

“Not only did Kira get her trip dream of going to London; she was treated like a princess the whole time…We will treasure this day forever, Kira cannot stop talking about it. It was an amazing once in a lifetime trip and you should all be so proud of yourselves.”

We can’t thank David enough for his generosity and hospitality to make Kira’s Dream Come True!

The fun doesn’t stop there for Kira and her family as they are going to see Frozen in the West End in October. Courtesy of their new friend, David Walliams.