A Magic Holiday 

Charlotte, who is 18, is currently living with a Connective Tissue Disorder, which has impacted her health from muscle and joint pain, to losing partial sight. Charlotte will be undergoing physiotherapy for her entire life.

Her dream was to spend her 18th birthday with her sister, Megan, in Disneyland Paris.

In September 2019 Charlotte’s dream came true, and she “had the most amazing, magical and fantastic time” in Disneyland Paris.

As well as the rides, Charlotte’s favourite part of the holiday was the Illuminations at the castle and said she will have fantastic memories forever.

Thank you message

 “They enjoyed every element of the holiday, from the Eurostar, to the beautiful hotel (they both couldn’t believe how large their beds were), and all of the parks. You ensured that everything was completely organised to ensure Charlotte and Megan had a smooth, wonderful dream holiday.” Charlotte's Mum

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