Arguably the biggest of the Virtual Marathon Majors and an event that is for runners of all abilities. Individuals can tackle a marathon distance, pairs do a half marathon each, teams of 4 do just over a 10k per person and teams of 8 just over a 5k.

All of these combinations when added together will give one competitive marathon time. Due to the team element the event is perfect for families, a group of friends and corporates.

Run a marathon on your own or share the distance between a team in our ANY TIME CHALLENGE

Alternatively join us on the big day 03rd October 2020 and run the full marathon, or share the distance with your friends on our RACE DAY CHALLENGE


  • Run a full marathon and submit 1 x 26.2 mile distance
  • Run 2 x 13.1 miles and submit 2 x evidence
  • Run 4 x 10.54km and submit 4 x evidence
  • Run 8 x 5.27km and submit 8 x evidence
  • Run 10 x 2.62 miles and submit 10 x evidence
  • Run 25 x 1.048 miles submit 25 x evidence

As a team

  • A pair run 1 x 13.1 miles half marathon each on the same day
  • 4 x 10.54km team, team of 4 people run
  • 8 x 5.27km team, team of 8 people run
  • 10 x 2.62 miles, team of 10 people run
  • 25 x 1.048 miles, team of 25 people run

Any Time Challenge

This can be done in any month of the year

Race Day Challenge – October 3rd 2020

  • 26.1 miles as a individual
  • 13.1 miles in a pair (13.1 Miles per person)
  • 10.54 miles in a team of 4 (10.54 Km per person)
  • 5.27Km in a team of 8 (5.27Km per person)
  • 2.62 miles in a team of 10 (2.62miles per person)
  • 1.048 miles in a team of 25 (1.048 miles per person)


Gold Medal




Official Times  To submit an official time you must use Garmin Connect, Strava, Map My Run, Nike App or any GPS tracking device. Take a picture of your tracker and submit via your online console.

Unofficial Times  You can submit evidence to us by simply keeping a daily log. At the end sign the log, take a photo and upload it to your Virtual Marathon Majors online console. You will receive a medal and our congratulations but your time will only be recorded as an unofficial time.