Run Berlin Virtual is the Half Marathon Challenge of the series. Take on TWO half marathons in a month or find a team mate and run a half marathon each on the same day in the ANY TIME challenge.

This is the “Half Marathon Challenge” therefore on your own or in a pair you need to submit two half marathon times. Individuals need to submit two half marathon times within a month.

If you feel 4 legs are better than 2 you will need to submit 1 half marathon time each on the same day. Submit your evidence to calculate your marathon time and receive your Run Berlin Silver medal/medals.

We do accept the half marathon times on different days and not consecutively to obtain a medal, but your times will be recorded as unofficial.

Silver Medal Difficulty 

Want a Charity Place? 

Commit to fundraising £150 for Dreams Come True and get a free charity place.

Entry Fee: FREE

Fundraising Pledge: £150

We ask you to pledge a minimum sponsorship of £150 to help make Dreams Come True.

What is the Virtual Marathon Series?

The Virtual Marathon Series is a series of world class virtual events set out to provide fundraisers and runners a continuous challenge that is fun and will keep them participating again and again.

Take on all the challenges and collect all the medals. 

Who Are the Events For?

The events are for everyone; individuals, families, teams, businesses and groups of friends. Basically anyone who can find some open space and strap on some running shoes. 

Any questions?

Please contact [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

NB: This event is organised by Virtual Marathon Series and you will be required to submit evidence of your runs on their online runner’s console. Please see for age restrictions.

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