General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Terms & Conditions Form

On 25th May 2018 the law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union changed; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law has remained in force for the UK after the UK left the EU in 2020. Dreams Come True need your consent to
retain information about your organisation and need your permission to contact you on marketing matters.

In accordance with our data protection and retention policies we store your organisation’s and individuals’ information in a secure way and will not share the information with a third party unless you have given consent for us to do so. We will retain this information for a period of 5 years after completion of the dream and then it will be destroyed, unless you agree for us to hold the information longer.

If a safeguarding situation should occur, then we will share information with other agencies in the interest of your child. This is a legal obligation, does not require your consent to share.

Should you wish to make see the information we are holding, or have any concerns, you can request this by contacting the Data Controller by email, [email protected]

Community Group is a collective name given to a school, community led group, or a group/establishment providing a service to the community that is in receipt of a community dream.

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

In this agreement:

“Dreams Come True” means Dreams Come True Charity

“Dream Applicant” means the community group for whom you are applying to receive the support of Dreams Come True,

“I/Me” means the signatory of the form, being the person responsible for the community group (such as a school, community led group, or a group/establishment providing a service to the community)

“Dream Coordinator” means the employee of Dreams Come True designated to work with the Dream Applicant to arrange the Dream.

“Dream” means the provision of products or services to the Dream Applicant as agreed with the designated Dream Coordinator.

2. Confirmation of Eligibility of Signatory and Applicant

a. I confirm that I am the person with responsibility of the Community Group applying for the dream.

b. I confirm that I am the only person with the legal right to give permission on behalf of the Community Group.

c. I confirm that the Community Group has not previously received a Dream or from Dreams Come True or another charity including but not limited to Make A Wish Foundation, Rays of Sunshine, Round Table Children’s Wish or When you Wish Upon a Star.

d. I confirm that all information that I provide to Dreams Come True will be accurate. I agree to provide Dreams Come True with all relevant information and agree to immediately inform them if any of this information changes. I understand that Dreams Come True may terminate this agreement immediately on discovering that any information that I have given is false or knowingly misleading.

e. I confirm that I will seek any medical or other professional advice as required by Dreams Come True or as part of our own safeguarding and health and safety policies throughout the progress of the Dream and will immediately stop the Dream if I am advised that taking part in the dream is not suitable for or could harm the Dream Applicant.

3. Scope of Dreams Come True’s Role

a. I confirm my understanding that Dreams Come True Charity’s role is limited to assisting planning/delivery/completion of the Dream as agreed in writing with the designated Dream Coordinator.

b. Where the Dream involves the provision of a product such as trikes or toys or a tangible service such as, but not limited to, room makeovers. I understand that Dreams Come True are not responsible for the payment of any ongoing maintenance or replacement for a faulty item unless otherwise specifically agreed prior to delivery of the Dream.

c. I confirm my understanding that Dreams Come True will not be liable for any loss, injury or any other liability that arises as a result of my giving false or knowingly misleading information.

d. I understand that on delivery of the Dream, if relevant, any child recipient of the Dream must be accompanied by a member of the Community Group or parent at all times. Dreams Come True may ask the accompanying adult to produce ID.

e. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that any accommodation provided as part of a Dream delivery is suitable and that it is my responsibility to put away any items that may pose risk to the Dream Applicant.

f. I understand that if the Dream involves the provision of furniture of equipment, then I am responsible for ensuring that it is suitable for the Dream Applicant.

4. Termination of this Agreement

a. This agreement will be terminated:

1. On the completion of a Dream.
2. At any time by Dreams Come True. Whilst in most circumstances Dreams Come True would not terminate this agreement without reason it reserves the right to do so.
3. By me or the Community Group at any time and without reason.

b. I understand that Dreams are not transferrable to other Community Groups or individuals and in the event that the Community Group is no longer able to participate in a Dream then the Dream Coordinator will work with me to provide an alternative dream, or if this is not possible this agreement will be terminated by mutual agreement.

c. I understand that if Dreams Come true terminates the agreement I will not be liable for the cost of any support, expense or committed expense unless such costs have arisen as a result of me giving false or knowingly misleading information.

d. I understand that this is the applicant’s only dream and that once the dream has been delivered, the Community Group will not be eligible for another dream with Dreams Come True. This does not apply to dreams for individuals within the Community Group.

I confirm that I have read this agreement and have understood and the information set out in the following SCHEDULE - Limitation of Liability. I am free to take independent legal advice if I wish. I accept that the limitation and the other terms of this letter are included in my agreement with Dreams Come True Charity.

Please complete the declaration below in respect of this Agreement and Schedule

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