I have chosen to do this because, I want to raise a little extra money for the happiness of these extraordinary humans. Who do not get enough credit for the daily fight they put in to just waking up in the morning. I have my own health issues and I push each day but I am nowhere close to these situations and it makes me sad to think that's all their lives may ever be is the inside of 4 hospital walls, without a dream to concentrate and focus on to look forward to, and I just can't pretend I have not seen this page without doing my very best to raise as much money I possibly can, to put to your charity.
I will be cutting my pony tail off after 6 years of growing my hair, once done this will be donated to Little Princess Trust and in the hope, this can get used to help more kiddies have some normality.
Also, for some moral support My little pooch will getting dyed PINK (pet friendly dye obviously).

I hope use will all back this good cause and support me to raise funds for this great charity, as we are very much more fortunate than these incredible, strong, and brave young people.

Megan Graham