Written by Binny Shah

Reykjavik translates to Cove of Smokes

In May 2017 Ilona went through a series of intensive treatment and cell transplants after she was  diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare type of blood cancer, which resulted in her having to “take time off from university, and put her life on hold for a while”.

She felt like she was missing out on some of the experiences her friends were able to do such as travel and see the world whilst she was undergoing her treatment. Ilona’s dream was to travel to Iceland and take her boyfriend Harry with her as a way of saying thank you to him for all the support that he gave her during this time.

They both had a fun and action-packed holiday in Reykjavik where they did lots of incredible activities such as visiting national parks, going out on to a whale watching boat, into a lava tunnel, as well as city tours, seeing the black sand beaches and standing on a beautiful glacier. Ilona had a brilliant time seeing everything Iceland could throw at her!

We were so pleased to help Ilona’s dream came true and she finished off her trip in style by visiting some gorgeous waterfalls as well as the geothermic blue lagoon which Iceland is famous for.

Harry and I had a very successful trip to Iceland last week, and thank you from both of us! The weather was a bit wet and rather windy (to be expected in Iceland!), but we had a great time regardless! We did some activities and day trips outside of Reykjavik as well as visiting some museums and a couple of geothermal swimming pools in the city. We did also visit the blue lagoon! Thank you so much for arranging this!” - Ilona
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