Written by Binny Shah

James and Henry's Orlando Adventure

James is 10 years old and has a number of complex medical conditions including developmental delay, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, for which he uses a wheelchair. He also has a visual impairment.

He is a a bit of a thrill-seeker and his dream was to go to the theme parks in Orlando with his parents and his twin brother Henry, which we helped come true in May 2019.

Prior to going on the trip, James and Henry’s relationship had been difficult due to James’ behaviour being challenging at times and for sensory stimulation and as a means of getting attention, he sometimes bites Henry.

As the sibling of someone with a disability, Henry forgives his brother and returning from holiday, he feels even more empathetic with James.

Whereas at home, the rides James could access were very limited, James was able to go on the really scary rides in Florida, including the Hulk ride at Universal with its 108 kilometre an hour journey through 7 loop-de-loops!

On the flight back, James was clearly exhausted by all the excitement of a family trip to Florida as he slept 6 hours in a row – a new record!

A thank you message

A big thank you for all your help support with everything we had an amazing time and absolutely loved all the parks. It was such ideal holiday for James as we we’re on the go from morning to night and he could access everything that Henry did. Thanks so, so much it really was a memorable time. We were truly blessed by the whole holiday.” James' Parents
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