Written by Binny Shah

Vegas Festival 

We were delighted to have helped Rebekah’s dream of attending the Day N Vegas Festival come true and she took her best friend Eloise with her and they both had an amazing time in Las Vegas.

They arrived on a Friday at midday and checked into the Westgate hotel who were kind enough to upgrade their room. They had a lovely room with views of the Las Vegas Strip.

On that evening they went to the first day of the ‘Day N Vegas’ festival and they saw Rebekah’s favourite artist, J Cole. This was one of her favourite moments of the weekend and she thought it was made to be for her dream because J Cole established a record label called ‘Dreamville’ and he played her favourite song ‘Love Yourz’, which is about realising how blessed you are and what matters in life. This was a song Rebekah had actually listened to a lot while going through her treatment.

During the remaining two days of the festival, they saw lots of different hip-hop and rap artists and had so much fun! They also spent time in the hotel by the pool sunbathing and eating in the restaurant, which had bottomless mimosas! And when it was time to leave, in the morning, they went to Caesars Palace and ate so much food in their incredible breakfast buffet!


Thank you message

Thank you to everyone who donated the funds for my dream and thank you to dreams come true for making my dream happen! This dream meant so much to me, it made me think of how far I have come, and I feel so blessed to been able to experience it! It will be a memory that I will never forget. Thank you for giving me this gift of a lifetime!" - Rebekah

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