Written by Binny Shah

Four Amazing Days

Thomas, who is 6 years old, has cerebral palsy and underwent SDR surgery in 2017, which while it was successful in easing the condition, his life is now consumed with physio. His dream has always been to visit Disneyland Paris with his twin brother, Dylan, so in June, we helped his dream come true.

Thomas and his family had four fun filled days in Disneyland Paris! They started their trip with a character breakfast where they met Piglet, Tiger and Daisy Duck as well as many other much loved characters around the park, including the parade.

Incredible. I even cried watching the Mickey the Magician show as the boys looked so happy and enthralled. We even managed to stay up for the illuminations last night and got to see Spider-Man today. An incredible ending to an amazing 4 days.” - Thomas' Parents

From discovering the park to playing in the pool at the hotel, the whole family enjoyed every single moment and the icing on the cake was the amazing fireworks over the famous Disney castle.

A Thank You message

This is our first holiday and so it feels very emotional on so many levels. It has and does feel bizarre planning for something other than blocks of physio. To feel excited about something also feels quite alien after 6 years of crisis management! So, thank you, thank you for showing us that life can be different.” - Thomas' Parents

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