Free fundraising by donating your old and vintage items 

We are now working with Vintage Giving a company that turns your old and unused vintage items into donations for us! Everything you send to Vintage Giving gets sold or used, nothing ever goes to waste.

Every item you send helps us!

Vintage Giving is paving the way for Sustainability-led fundraising. By decluttering your home, you're not only donating to help fulfil dreams for children and young adults with serious or life-limiting conditions, but you're also reducing needless waste by recycling items that might otherwise be thrown away.    

Vintage Giving works like this

  1. Box it: Fill a box with old or vintage items. Up to 30KG
  2. Send it: Drop off at your local Post Office or book a free home collection
  3. Bank it: Your donated items with turn into cash for Dreams Come True

Help us make dreams come true

  • No hassle or cost for you
  • Experts handling your items
  • More than 30 years experience 
  • Donations raise money fast
  • Excellent customer service 
  • We receive 100% of items value

 Order your donation pack now from Vintage Giving here.