Welcome to our magical Dream Tree. This is the perfect alternative to buying a gift – and what could be better than creating a dream for a child in great need?

Every donation creates a shining star which will sit on our magical Festive Dream Tree. When you donate and are given your star, you can write a message to a colleague or loved one – or even to a child themselves. 

By supporting our tree, you are helping us to create a moment of magic with an incredible lasting impact. Below is a video from Dream Recipient Jakey and his Mum, to thank you for your generous support:

Join us and light up our Dream Tree so we can continue helping children like Jakey who need our support more than ever. 

To discover more about the children we help, you can read their Dream Stories and see how your donation makes a real impact.

Donate now and receive your star and make dreams come true over the festive period.