Dreams become reality 

Whether it's meeting one of your biggest idols, taking a trip to Disney World to see your favourite characters or going on an animal-spotting safari, every single one of us has a dream. Big or small, we all have one. It's these dreams that allow us to reflect on what we truly want and gives us all the strength to make our special and unique dreams a reality.

We're all dedicated

It’s common for us to spend a lot of our time and effort in making our dreams come true, no matter what. However, the unfortunate reality for the children and young adults we work with is that they often have less time to realise their dream. This is why their dreams and aspirations are so important. Having that one moment where they can forget about the troubles they are currently facing, is one that they and their families get to treasure for the rest of their lives. 

At Dreams Come True, our fundraisers, volunteers and everyone who supports us are dedicated to providing a dream to every child or young adult that contacts us!

However, we can't make any of this happen without you.