World Dream Day falls every year on 25th September. Why? Because, whoever you are, wherever you come from – we all have something in common. We ALL have dreams, goals, and aspirations. However, some people have many barriers that stand in the way of making their dreams come true. For example, living in areas of high deprivation and living with a disability, serious illness, or life-limiting condition.   

At Dreams Come True our mission is to turn dreams into a reality for every child who needs our support, and that the moments of magic we create have a lasting impact for children and their families.   

Why support us on World Dream Day? 

When a child has additional needs, life is challenging, even for families with strong support systems. Ongoing hospital visits, the inability to join in activities with friends and even physical pain can impact the magic of childhood.   

Right now, there are thousands of children who need our support and with the current cost of living crisis, the families we work with are facing the reality of not being able to afford the basics, let alone adapted beds and technology or garden equipment for their child with additional needs.   

For the children we work with, a dream coming true can have a significantly positive long-term impact on their lives.

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End Child Poverty Coalition show 3.6 million children (27%) were living in poverty in 2020/21 or 1 in 4 children in our classrooms today. This is also set to rise exponentially by the end of 2023 due to the cost of living crisis. 

Dreams Come True is the only national wish granting charity that solely supports children in the highest areas of deprivation in the UK, who are living with a disability, a serious illness, or a life-limiting condition. Our work supporting children and young people is needed more than ever.  

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On average a dream costs over £2,000 to deliver, and this year alone we are aiming to deliver more dreams than ever before.

Please donate £5 to help us ensure that we can make the Dreams Come True for the children that really need our support.

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