Amber-Marel is a bubbly outgoing 7-year-old. She enjoys school, and her favourite things to do are dancing, music, and drama.

Amber-Marel has Hirschsprung's Disease. This impacts her life every day and night. She requires significant support from responsible adults – mainly her mother- to maintain her health and wellbeing. Her Mum is on call 24/7 as Amber must be hooked up to various machines for 14-16 hours a day, and cannot be left on her own.

Amber has missed out on so much as a result of her condition, and the family have had to defer many things. Amber’s dream was to have horse-riding lessons, and we were delighted to be able to arrange twenty riding lessons for Amber. We also made sure she was kitted out with jodhpurs, gloves, riding socks, and even a horse-riding hoody and personalised bag so she can enjoy the experience in style!

Amber is really enjoying her lessons so far, which will continue right through to Spring 2023. After her first lesson, her mum said: "thank you very much for the horse riding lesson today, Amber absolutely loved it. She really didn’t want to leave today! It was so great to see her doing what she’s wanted to do for such a long time."