Malakie (11) loves being outside, in the fresh air and surrounded by nature.

He has a 5-year-old sister and a 15-year-old brother. He is a very head strong young lad and certainly knows his mind. ​

Malakie has Autism and goes to a special autism school. He sometimes struggles at school and attends few clubs as he finds them out of his comfort zone.

He is most comfortable when he knows everyone, and a regular routine is maintained. He particularly struggles with change and has found the changes evoked from COVID very tough.

Malakie was diagnosed with lung disease when he was little, but as he gets older his diet has improved and he is getting stronger. ​

Due to his love of being outdoors, Dreams Come True arranged a Centreparcs Dream where he can take part in outdoor activities and spend quality time with his family. ​

Mum said they all had an ‘Amazing time! It was our time away just us and a little escape from reality!’

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