Eshaal and her family haven’t been able to have a holiday in a very long time. A holiday takes a lot of planning and adaptations to keep Eshaal safe as she lives with Aicardi Syndrome, a rare disorder that means Eshaal is prone to seizures and unable to walk.

Despite her difficulties, Eshaal is a very happy and sociable child. Eshaal, her mum, sisters and extended family are a real team and have a wonderful bond. 

Eshaal's Dream

Eshaal’s dream was to go on holiday near a beach. Dreams Come True organised a well-deserved summer holiday for Eshaal and her family near a beach in Devon. 

To make the news of her dream holiday extra special, we also sent Eshaal a personalised Baby Shark beach towel and game, as that’s one of her favourite Tv shows. 

Eshaal loves the water, so they went swimming most days at the resort in the pools. At the end of each day they had fun in the arcade, and watched the light show. There was also a play performed for all the children which was great.

In the evenings they watched movies and played board games in the caravan.  Everyone had an amazing time. Eshaal and her sisters didn’t want to leave, they even went swiiming on the last afternoon of their stay and slept most of the way home as they were so exhausted after such a fantastic week.  

Eshaal’s mum said they had a wonderful holiday. Eshaal and her sisters didnt want to leave, her little sister said ' I want to stay forever !' 

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