Franck is eight years old and has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia; cancer that affects the white blood cells. 

Franck has been undergoing treatment for the last three years, which has meant he can't travel or do his favourite thing in the world, and that's to swim.  

Franck misses a lot of school as he is often in pain and is susceptible to catching colds and viruses. Despite this, he is full of energy on good days and is keen to help other children - he has been taking part in a trial to help determine treatment planning for children diagnosed in the future with the same condition.  

What is Franck's dream?

His dream is to visit Center Parcs, Longleat with his family. 

This dream getaway is about helping Franck, and his family make special memories together, doing something adventurous outside their usual daily routine. Franck has been looking forward to this holiday for a very long time.  

How did it go?!

In June 2022, Franck celebrated his 8th birthday in style in Centre Parcs, ensuring he was at the subtropical paradise every day! He also enjoyed indoor rock climbing, football coaching sessions and spending time by the water on the beach. And of course, a visit to the pancake house for his birthday breakfast!  

Mum Anna said: 

"We had a great time! Franck was in his element and enjoyed the family time together, as did [his sister] Ruby. Franck's favourite activity was definitely the swimming, he especially loved the rapids. Thanks again to you all, we really needed that holiday and the family time spent together"