Luke's Story

Luke has a multi-organ disability known as MPVSI. Due to its complexity, he has to attend Manchester hospital to see specialist consultants frequently. His parents have had to learn to care for him, including how to deliver his weekly enzyme infusion, which takes 4 hours to complete. Luke requires a full medical check bi-annually, and daily he is left with substantially reduced energy because of his condition.

Luke is your typical 13-year-old boy; his phone and PlayStation are his lifelines. He loves swimming and interacting online with all his mates. He is such a clever, positive, and determined boy, refusing to use his wheelchair unless he is exhausted.

Luke's hip and spine problems affect his mobility and he can also get exhausted quickly. Sporting activities, especially team and contact sports, are dangerous for Luke as any injury could be serious. This means he sometimes can't join in with his friends, which can be frustrating.

Luke's dream

An electric bike will transform Luke's life. He can now go out on his own without his parents, be more independently mobile and won't have to rely so much on others.

Luke has been through an incredible amount in his short life, including multiple surgeries, and we are so pleased to be able to deliver his dream.

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