Eliasi is a talented young boy who absolutely loves music. He plays all sorts of instruments, including the drums and the guitar and has loved to sing and dance since he was little. 

Eliasi is very cheerful and full of optimism but having downs syndrome means that he sometimes struggles to make his thoughts clear and communicate with others who may not understand him.

It is therefore important for him to have his own space in which he feels free to express himself and fully embrace his love for music.

Eliasi decided he would love a musical theme bedroom makeover. His room has been kitted out from top to bottom with all new furniture that allows him more space to play in his room.

He now  has a space that reflects his own vibrant personality and in which he can feel free to be himself. Eliasi’s mum described the transformation as amazing, and says that Eliasi is particularly pleased with his new bespoke wall mural, which the room was based around.

Eliasi has said a personal thankyou to the charity and loves his new room.

There were so many people that made this dream possible and because we were offered so many gifts in kind and discounts we were able to not only give him a complete makeover but also gift him a drum kit as a suprise

Thanks to Splash of Colour, Gen Carpets, South West paints and Infinity Graphics whose discounts and gifts in kind valued at nearly £2000.