About Hannah

Hannah is 10, very social and makes friends wherever she goes, but behind this is a serious medical condition that has prevented her exploring the world and things around her in the way she might like to. She suffers from extreme epilepsy, at times, over 100 episodes a week and this has sometimes left her bedridden for months. Hannah lives a lot of her life in an attendant propelled wheelchair or standing frame.

Hannah's Dream Story

Hannah's dream was to be able to explore different environments and not be confined to the places her current wheelchair can go, so we arranged for Hannah to have a new all-terrain buggy. Her old buggy gets stuck and tips too easily, so the all-terrain will make Hannah safer, give her opportunities to explore new wonderful places and provide her and her family a sense of freedom that they’ve been yearning for. Mum & Dad will no longer have to say “no” to suggestions of beach days and forest trails by their other children, making it a dream come true for the whole family.

Mum described the impact of the dream as 'the ripple effect' because they no longer have to say no to various outings to Hannah or her Sisters.

The family visited the beach for the first time in April, and Hannah could join in with her sisters! They inspected rock pools and hand fun on the sand together, whereas previously Hannah would have been stuck alone 30 meters away. Her Dream has been life changing and taken the stress out of days out, and makes it easy to navigate uneven terrain.

Her family says: ‘Dreams Come True have opened up possibilities for our family to make happy memories and we are no longer having to say 'NO'. We’re just so incredibly grateful!’

Help Us Help Children Like Hannah

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