Meet Stuart Goldsmith - a truly extraordinary man who has been supporting Dreams Come True since 1997! Not only has he run a massive 37 marathons (28 in aid of Dreams Come True), but this year his fundraising pot hit a massive, (and lifechanging) £100,000!

He wish we could thank you 100,000 times Stuart. Your support has been invaluable in granting dreams for children who have it tough, which is why you are our DreamMaker of the Year, 2022.  

Stuart in his first marathon for DCT in 1997, and his most recent (virtual) marathon in 2020.

We asked Stuart about his fundraising journey, and this is what he had to say:

“My involvement with Dreams Come True started back in 1997.

At the time, one of my family worked at a local children’s hospice and it was the stories shared that inspired me to do what I have been able to do for Dreams Come True. I have been very fortunate to participate in every London Marathon between 1993 & 2020 and along the way ran with my wife, my 2 sons and several other members of my family.

The support of my entire family, friends, colleagues and all my other sponsors has been truly amazing, and I cannot thank them all enough; for without them all I would not have been able to successfully complete 28 London Marathons & reach this fundraising milestone of which I very proud.”

Stuart crossing the virtual London Marathon finish line in 2020

The moral of the story is that not all heroes wear capes - sometimes they wear running shoes and vests too. 💜🧡

If you have been inspired by Stuart's fundraising journey, then why not join an event or challenge near you? 

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