Ruby's story

Twelve-year-old Ruby is the only sister to three playful brothers. Together, they love racing around their local park. However, Ruby has the chromosome disorder known as 1q43 deletion, which means she uses a wheelchair. With her chosen Dream of a specially modified trike, Ruby can join her brothers in the fresh air. 

A trike gives Ruby easier access to the local community, where she can join in her favourite activities of people-watching, splashing in water, and playing on the swings. In addition, a trike helps to strengthen the muscles in Ruby’s legs, and aids in her standing therapy. Ruby had recently started to use the pedals on her previous trike before she outgrew it. 

Family outings became that much more challenging once Ruby lost the use of her old trike. She was often left on the sidelines while her brothers played. For a child who loves to be a part of things and be treated the same as her brothers, it was a blow. Her new trike can be attached to her parents’ bike so that she doesn’t always need to be pushed or pulled. 

Ruby’s first ride on her new trike was a thrill.

“She absolutely loved every minute of it,” said Ruby’s mum, Catherine. “We can never thank Dreams Come True enough for providing funding for the trike and making this possible.” 

Despite the difficulties she faces, Ruby greets each day with a happy, unfazed attitude. Even the bad weather can’t get her down – rainy and windy days are her favourite! 

See you at the park, Ruby!