Jasmine's story

Jasmine is 18 years old and has Osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that produces immature bone and requires various methods of treatment such as chemo/radiation therapy or surgery.

However, Jasmine never let her diagnosis define her and remained positive throughout the process. Luckily after treatment, Jasmine is now in recovery and is looking to the future for new and exciting experiences.

Dreams Come True

Jasmine’s dream was to see her favourite band, The 1975 live as she’s never been able to get tickets before. Thanks to all our generous supporters, we were able to send Jasmine to London to finally see them on their 2020-21 tour. Not only that, but we organised a backstage meet and greet with the whole band.

Thanks to The 1975 and to everyone who helped make Jasmine’s dream come true.

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